Phoenicia and Fairy Tale

Another game of Phoenicia, this time with five players and just one newbie. It was a roaring success: most people got it and enjoyed it. It only took us 70 minutes, too, and that with no particular rushing and pushing.

Phoenicia box cover

It was a good, close match. I was almost there, fighting for the victory with my huge cloth-making empire. I bought both city walls and a port, but it wasn’t enough in the end. It wasn’t many points… Riku played a curious game: he had serious lack of production, collecting three cards when the rest of us were picking up six or seven cards. He didn’t win or really compete for the victory, but his score was still surprisingly good, over 20 points.

It was fun and the game definitely works really well with five players.


I bought Fairy Tale recently (well, with Phoenicia) and after Raimo left, we played two rounds. Both took exactly 15 minutes. I was glad to get back to this game, I’ve only played once before. It’s a good filler, so swift and still offers some nice decisions. Sometimes the choices are trivial, sometimes not, but it’s good fun nonetheless. I expect Fairy Tale will get plenty of table time.

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