New games in the collection

Race for the Galaxy box

I got my copy of Race for the Galaxy yesterday. It looks pretty nifty, though the art is perhaps a bit dark. Then again, I suppose it is dark in space… I’m glad the cards are of decent size, so they work well with card protectors — I’m hoping to play the game that much. Fortunately tomorrow is Thursday and our Thursday games — I wouldn’t mind playing Race and nothing else.

1960 box

1960: The Making of the President arrived in the same box — and made the box surprisingly heavy. And it’s not the game in general, but just the board: the game has one of the heaviest boards I’ve met. The components are generally pretty nifty, I think.

Originally I wanted to buy Twilight Struggle, but the first batch in was sold out before I got it, and then I just never bought it. Then arrived 1960, which seemed a bit more interesting. I read about it more, as I wrote an article on the web site about it and that, basically, sealed the deal — I decided to add it to my order.

Well, the game sure looks good and seems mechanically sound. I’m quite interested in trying this one out, maybe next week?

Canal Mania box

I also got Canal Mania, which I bought used. I paid too much for it in an auction, my initial bid remained unchallenged, but at least the money went to a nice guy (who let me crash at his home during Helcon), so I don’t mind. My geekbuddies either like the game somewhat or think it’s a bit of disappointment, so we’ll see, but it looks pretty nice and I wouldn’t mind having a slightly more forgiving version of Age of Steam.

I also got a new cell phone — Nokia 3110 classic — to replace my N-Gage QD that had started to fall apart after three years of use (and a year of baby chewing on it). The new one looks nice, but most importantly, it has a camera, so perhaps, if the camera takes good enough pictures and moving them to the computer is easy enough, you’ll start seeing a bit more pictures.

Funny fact about Railroad Tycoon: apparently the title is something of an anachronism, as according to Word Detective, the word tycoon wasn’t used in business sense until after World War I.

Railroad Tycoon

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