Dominion and Gathering Storm

I went to the Helsinki Book Fair yesterday. I was interviewed about my card game book, we did a quick 20-30 minute session, which went really well. I’m becoming a professional author, obviously, I can actually do public performances.

I knew that had a booth at the fair, so I arranged to pick up a copy of Race for the Galaxy: Gathering Storm. As it happened, they got the Finnish edition of Dominion out sooner than announced, so I was able to get that one too. Cool.

Dominion box

Gathering Storm is nice. There’s not much stuff in the box, but it seems good. The cards are interesting. I don’t care much about the solitaire version — I’ll try it, sure — and the goal tiles may be good and then again maybe not. We’ll see. Still, the new stuff seems like it’s worth the price.

Dominion seems pretty cool. I wasn’t able to figure out the game from the descriptions I’ve read so far, but now I’ve read the rules it all clicks and sounds seriously interesting. Fortunately I’ll get to try it tomorrow, I believe. Based on rules, it sounds good, but I’ll have to see how it works out in practise.

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2 responses to “Dominion and Gathering Storm”

  1. Slightly dull may be the wrong phrase. I like Dominion, but it has some downtime. On BSW it’s fairly snappy, which probably raises its rating by a point. Of course, BSW makes most games better. (Caylus in 50 minutes, Power Grid in 40, etc etc).

  2. The BSW interface is really nice, though I sort of feel it misses something — at least seeing the status of your deck is slightly harder. I suppose that takes some getting used to and won’t be a problem for long.