Dominion with Johanna

Dominion box

Dominion is officially a great game. I just played a game with Johanna — we haven’t played any games in a long time. She enjoyed Dominion enough to say she wants to play it again, which is rare. It’s also rare to find a game that doesn’t annoy Johanna a bit, she’s usually annoyed by something in just about any game.

This just reinforces my view that Dominion is an excellent game. It’s so easy to teach, as all cards are face up and you can play with open hands and guide the newbies. Johanna got the hang of it pretty quickly and in the end was starting to really figure it all out. Of course she won, too, which is never a bad thing when learning a new game (and I swear I didn’t lose on purpose!).

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One response to “Dominion with Johanna”

  1. It’s funny you should say that: I just taught Dominion to my partner, and she loved it (much to my expectation, because she also likes games like Magic and Race for the Galaxy). Beware the Witch and the Thief though; now there’s some potential for annoyment.