Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball and Dolmengötter

Wabash Cannonball box

Yesterday’s session started with an interesting game of Wabash Cannonball. We only had three players, so it was a different game to start with.

I managed to lose the game on the first round. I got shares of PRR and C&O (red and yellow), probably the two weakest choices, while Sami got NYC and B&O. Hannu was left without shares. I obviously made an empty capitalization, but Sami chose to expand. Hannu bought a share with his superior finances, then I did another empty capitalization to stop him from getting two shares.

Here was my mistake: I persuaded Hannu to buy a share from Sami’s company. In the hindsight, I should’ve had him buy one of mine. The rest of the game was pure misery, less said about it the better. Still, Wabash Cannonball is a great game, can’t help it.

Hannu won, 142-120-84. Sami was second and probably handed Hannu the victory by driving B&O to Chicago, giving Hannu free option to Wabash Cannonball. I could’ve bought it, but Hannu had a turn before me, so Hannu would’ve diluted the company immediately, so I couldn’t afford to bid too much. Hannu got it and made a nice profit. Of course, Sami had only played once before and that’s advanced strategy.

Die Dolmengötter box

We had time for something short, so we played two games of Die Dolmengötter. My rating of 10 is so correct for this game, it’s definitely one of the very best. Of course I won both matches, the second one was particularly sweet as I beat Hannu with the tie-breaker. Sweet. This is an amazingly good game.

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One response to “Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball and Dolmengötter”

  1. Second Dolmengötter really was one of the tightest ever. Sami lost to us with one point. Mari wasn’t too far away either.