Railroad Dice 2, first impressions

Railroad Dice 2 box

I’m very busy writing a book with a really tight schedule — the manuscript needs to be done by the end of February — so my blogging tends to lag a bit. Thus I’m reporting what happened last week in the board game meeting… We played Railroad Dice 2. I bought the whole set (the first game, Germany expansion to that and the second game) from a friend and finally got some part of it on the table.

This game has a notoriously bad rulebook and the clearer rules summary available online isn’t all that clear — but it’s still mandatory to understand the game.

Well, we were able to play the game with relatively few problems. It was fun — well, I did win. There are problems, but I found the connection-building and passenger-moving entertaining. The game has a bit of luck involved, with all the dice and whatnot, but plenty of tough decisions to make.

The components are one of the problems. The dice are fairly small and the board is so small it looks funny. Playing isn’t as easy and pleasant as it could be. However, everything works.

It’s a nice game, with some issues, but one I’m rather happy to own. The start player rule is good enough for that, actually, as the player who owns most railroad games gets to play first… I’ve got 25, how about you?

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