Dominion: Alchemy first impressions

Dominion: Alchemy coverI played few games of Dominion: Alchemy with my brother today, using couple of the suggested sets. I’m in the camp where more cards means more diversity means more fun, and from that point of view Alchemy is pretty cool. The set has several interesting cards.

The new economy with the Potions is fairly elegant. It works, buying Potions isn’t such an ordeal and I’m pretty sure there are situations where you’d want to buy Potions even if the selection of kingdom cards has only one card that requires them, if it’s the right card.

I don’t wonder if some don’t like the set, though. It’s fairly complicated and easily leads to long games. We played three games, and it took us over an hour. Lots of long combos and so on. Many of the new cards support playing lots of actions. If that’s not what you like, skip this set.

I like it, and would like to play more Dominion — it’s a pretty good game, and the expansions just make it better.

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