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  • Last weekend: 7 Wonders, Dominion, Agricola

    Last weekend was another visit to Jyväskylä. I had bought them a copy of Dominion: Prosperity before — since most of my Dominion plays happen in Jyväskylä, I want to have those cards available. I didn’t take anything new with me, since there’s a decent collection of games available already. Here’s what we played: Dominion […]

  • Dominion Online

    Dominion Online at Isotropic.org is a rather cool way to play Dominion online. It’s very elegant, all monospaced text, and works like a charm. It has all cards, every card from every set and promos too. The user interface is mostly intuitive, and certainly better than what Brettspielwelt has to offer. I used it to […]

  • Shopping – final list

    Here’s what I ended up getting this season: Winsome Essen set. Almost missed this, but fortunately everything’s now secure. I’m most interested in SNCF, which should be sweet, but Texas & Pacific is also interesting. West Riding Revisited less so, as I didn’t fancy the old West Riding and I don’t really need more long […]

  • Shopping

    I’ve started the Fall game shopping season. So far I’ve got copies of Dominion: Prosperity and 7 Wonders coming as soon as the Finnish editions are available. These are must have, and fortunately published by friendly folks at Lautapelit.fi. No trouble getting them, that is. I’m sort of tempted by the limited edition of 7 […]

  • Shopping news

    With more information, I’ve been able to drop both Age of Industry and Workshop of the World off my shopping list. Always nice when that happens before I buy the game… Age of Industry is locally available and the local folks played it, clocking in at three and half hours. No thanks. Even pushed to […]