1860 PBEM game

I played a game of PBEM 1860 with Justin Rebelo. It was one of our quick games, played mostly in couple of sessions over just few days.

Justin did a great session report on Geek, check that out if you’re interested. It was an exciting match: Justin got some early lead, I took over and gained a big lead, then lost in the nationalization phase when Justin’s train shopping paid off. The final difference was about 300 pounds, when the scores were about 11 000 pounds. Not a huge difference, no.

1860 is a great game. It works well with two. It has lots of interesting rules, I like pretty much every aspect of the game.

Here’s the board after the game:

1860: Isle of Wight board at the end of a game

Here’s a more artsy photo of the token corridor in the center of the board:

The hot spot of Isle of Wight train network

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