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  • 1830 and 1873 over

    Finished more play-by-email 18xx games. Four-player 1830 was a disaster — well, to everybody but Kimmo, who won 2187-834-703-426 after a bankruptcy. The three of us were all close to bankruptcy, but it was Neeme who eventually pulled the trigger. He could’ve passed a train between two companies, but there’s not much point to it, […]

  • 1889 and 1825U1 over

    Finished couple of PBEM games. 1825 Unit 1 was a curious game. We ran out of trains and GWR was totally stuck — it was in receivership, but since we ran out of trains, there was nothing to lease and nothing to buy, so there was really no way to get it out of receivership. […]

  • 1860 ps18xx PBEM finished

    My first ps18xx game ended today. 1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight, against Ed Rustin. I won. The start was good: Ed paid £180 in the opening auction, while I paid only £90. I got IOW, Ed got C&N, two privates each. In stock round 2, I had enough money to start IWNJ, and […]

  • Ropecon 2011

    I’ve been avoiding Ropecon for the last ten years or so, but since I missed both JunaCon and JyCon — both more interesting cons for various reasons — I decided to go for Ropecon this year. It’d be a day trip to Espoo, meaning two hours or so of driving both ways and about eight […]

  • Winning 1856

    We just finished a six-player game of 1856, played with Rails. It was interesting and not least because I won the game. I had to do some analysis to figure out why I won… Here’s a spreadsheet of player net worth throughout the game. I was steadily in the competition throughout the game, I never […]

  • Harzbahn 1873 summary

    I studied the rules of 1873 Harzbahn. Here’s a summary I created. It’s based on the July 5th 2011 version of the rules available at the Geek. Start Auction Round first bid for first purchase right high bidder goes first, rest in the reverse order of passing high bid is Start Premium first bidder must […]

  • Through the Ages and 18xx

    I’ve been playing some Through the Ages recently on Boardgaming Online. Turns out it’s one of those games I like less the more I play. The way the civilizations are built and everything is abstracted I still consider brilliant, but I’m getting more and more frustrated in the military aspects of the game. It’s the […]

  • Poseidon, first go

    I got Poseidon from my Secret Santa. The box promises 90-120 minutes playtime, which fits in my weekly game sessions, where I have 2.5 hours of time. Sounds good so far. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first box to lie. We managed the game in less than two hours. Four players, including rules explanation, […]

  • 1860 PBEM game

    I played a game of PBEM 1860 with Justin Rebelo. It was one of our quick games, played mostly in couple of sessions over just few days. Justin did a great session report on Geek, check that out if you’re interested. It was an exciting match: Justin got some early lead, I took over and […]

  • 1825 Unit 2 PBEM game over

    I played a game of 1825 Unit 2 with Justin Rebelo. It took us what, four days. The game was over after the seventh round. Using Google Docs and the actual board worked well, though we had couple of tile mismatches because of careless notation and mistakes. Despite time zone differences, we had several longer […]