Games with kids

Mouse Carousel coverI missed Wednesday games last week, so it’s been a bit quiet. However, I’ve been playing lots of games with Nooa, I’m just lazy blogging about them. Here’s a bit of catch-up on that front:

  • Mouse Carousel. Nine games in couple of days. Nooa is pretty good in this now he’s a bit older. When we first tried it, Nooa found the correct mice occasionally. Now it happens a lot more and I’m starting to feel he’s better than I am — which is of course very nice.
  • Villa Paletti. Nooa is a fan, and I like this as well. Nooa plays a decent game, and since I can also make mistakes, wins every now and then. The two-player rules are very easy, which a bonus.
  • Click Clack. This is a real keeper, it’s already made my all-time top 20 most played games list, soon it’s in top 10. Just waiting for the moment my daughter is old enough to play this… What an excellent game for small children.
  • Geistertreppe. Our most played children’s game this year, thanks to some heavy bursts. One of the best games for children.
  • Kayanak. The “igloo fishing game” is one of Nooa’s common requests. This is still a bit complicated for Nooa and he likes to bend the rules a bit, but it’s fun to play, so I don’t mind.

Couple of weeks ago I visited a game night at friends’ place with Nooa. He was great, playing with strange adults. He did a great job explaining the rules to Geistertreppe and had a great time. The whole idea of going to a real “game club” was absolutely awesome to him.

That was a great experience for both of us and one of those moments that really make a parent proud. It’s so amazing to see how the little boy is growing up. Just two years and he’s going to school…

In other news, I’m participating in the February 2011 Monthly Photo Contest at the Geek. Check out the GeekList and vote for your favourites (here’s hoping my photo is one of those favourites). My Photoblog at Geek is doing well, too. I recommend subscribing to it at the Geek.

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