Acquire, Age of Industry, Pantheon, Oregon

Biweekly recap time.

  • Acquire. More Acquire. This one turned out to be a big hit. I sure don’t mind. Won’t be surprised if this hits ten plays this year. Suggest.
  • Age of Industry. I’ve known that Brass is something I should be interested in. Hannu has had Age of Industry since it was published. How come I’ve never played either? No idea, but that’s now properly fixed. We played Age of Industry last week and I then plunged into online Brass at Order of the Hammer. Both are interesting games, and I’m probably going to get one of them. Age of Industry is a bit cleaner (but still a fiddly mess of rules) and has expansion maps, but Brass has more interesting historical flavour and is perhaps a bit more interesting. Suggest.
  • Pantheon. Four games last weekend with my mom and the gang. My play was dismal, which they enjoyed, probably. It’s a clever game and I like it a lot, but perhaps a bit more with three than with four. Anyway, a very solid game. Suggest.
  • Felix. This is a rather delightful little auction game. I think I’ve won the last four games I’ve played. Always a sign of a great game. Suggest.
  • Oregon. Fantastic with two. Plays fast, two games in about 50 minutes. The cowboy race is rough. Enthusiastic.

Good times, good times. Should get to play something tonight, am thinking of introducing my opponent to Dominion, which he has never played, as far as I can tell. Is it cruel or kind?

On the shopping front, there’s the question of Brass and Age of Industry. There’s also Kingdom Builder, which I very much would like to try. Then there’s the Stone Age expansion, which I’ve been considering, but am not sure about. The Spielbox review was impressive, but I’m not sure if it’s that necessary in the end. Also, it’s a bit hard to get right now.

Acquire close-up

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2 responses to “Acquire, Age of Industry, Pantheon, Oregon”

  1. Stone Age expansion: underwhelming. I got it mostly so I could play Stone Age with five. The extra options and the new huts felt wrong – they removed some of the scarcity, and thus there are less hard choices to make.

  2. Glad to hear. I don’t need five-player capacity and it takes some effort to buy it anyway, so probably I’ll skip it then, unless I bump into it at some point.