Suburbian X-Wings

Suburbia coverAnother session of Suburbia. It’s a neat game; I’ve upped my rating to 9. This time the goals shaped the game differently, and the airports I so magnificently used the last time were almost completely missing. The random tile draw really changes the game.

I had a clear goal from the start: I’ll keep my target on the 20 point Aquaphobic goal. So, I decided that I won’t build a lake, unless everybody else has at least two. No lakes for me, then, which meant hard times when my income turned out a bit weak. However, I managed to build up income slowly and steadily. I didn’t care about reputation and bought couple of Heavy Factories, invested in my Landfill and soon I had a bit of money I could use to buy better tiles.

Once I realized I could get the Socialist goal (least blue buildings), as I only had one blue, that become my other goal. With a large array of green buildings and a Stadium completely surrounded by green (+2 rep for each adjacent green) I was suddenly doing rather well and when two players tied for the Public Official goal, my victory was nailed.

What an interesting game! Enthusiastic, yes!

Kingdom Builder was an interesting game as well. We had two mid-game scoring goals from Nomads, Shepherds and Families (points for building the mandatory builds in a row, and for completing terrains). Coupled with Discoverers, that meant that the scoring was very… local, I suppose. The guy who took two towers, the only tile to add more huts, won the game. Enthusiastic.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniature Game is a cool version of Wings of War, with some neat developments. The basic set is a bit poor, though, with just one X-Wing pitched against two TIE Fighters. There are not enough dice, for example, so it might be a good idea to start with two basic sets.

I played one of the TIE Fighters and it took us exactly two rounds to shoot the X-Wing full of holes. Game over. That was quite an empty experience… But with a more interesting scenario, perhaps, and more flying machines, the game would be more interesting. As it is, I’m Indifferent.

TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter from X-Wing.

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  1. I was lucky to play X-Wing at a con with a setup game for 4 players. IIRC We had two X-Wing and Darth Vader against two TIe-Fighters (including Luke) in an astroid field – that was quite interesting (but still quick, wich was fine). I was eager to buy, but I forgot to ask what you need for that particular setup. I suspect a lot of stuff… Just the base game is a bit dry I suppose.