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  • Top 10: 2012 games in 2022

    Looking back at 2012, ten years later, it seems like a decent year. It wasn’t hard to come up with a top ten. My top 10: 10. Keyflower. This is an exciting mix of weird auctions and worker placement, and the game works rather well with the whole range from two to six players. That […]

  • Top 10 tile laying games

    I did a list of top 10 tile-laying games. I’ve defined tile laying much more strictly than the BoardGameGeek tile placement game mechanism list does. I’m looking for games where tile laying or tile placement is the main mechanism. The game should be about laying tiles, with spatial relationships between tiles being important: either connections […]

  • October 2015 new and noteworthy

    October was a busy month, lots of games. That’s good! I didn’t attend Spiel at Essen, and only followed the Essen game flow superficially. I did join the Finnish Board Game Society Secret Santa, which forced me to create a wishlist and got me thinking about new games. I now have a small notebook at […]

  • Gaming Year 2014

    Another good year, can’t complaing. 2013 was good, and 2014 improved upon that. We bought a house this year and moved in, and that meant I got a bookshelf in my office I could use for games. With most of my games visible there, my son’s interest was piqued, and we ended up trying lots of different games. […]

  • Games with my son

    My son has become my most regular board game opponent. We often play in the mornings: on weekends and on schooldays when his school starts on 9. He’s eight years old, and quite the gamer, and here’s what we play now: Agricola — We play the family game, and recently started using the Farmers of the […]

  • Subdivision

    Back when Bézier Games hinted at new games in the Suburbia family, I was intrigued. When the two games were announced, I immediately preordered both. Now I got Subdivision, and have some plays under my belt. Time for a quick review! The game: Subdivision by Lucas Hedgren, published by Bézier Games in 2014. Elevator pitch: Suburbia meets Take It Easy. Multiplayer solitaire […]

  • Gaming Year 2013

    2013 was a very good year of board games, just like 2012 was before it. My kids and I have continued to play lots of games. My son is now seven and half, and can play quite complicated games. My daughter, soon five, is also a bright little gamer, and much less prone to throwing […]

  • Suburbia

    The game: Suburbia by Ted Alspach, published by Bézier Games in 2012. Elevator pitch: Sim City board game. Manage an economic engine, draft tiles to build your borough, and try to have your tiles interact well with the other tiles in play. What’s in the box? Lots of hexagon tiles. The tiles look plain by themselves, but […]

  • Suburbian X-Wings

    Another session of Suburbia. It’s a neat game; I’ve upped my rating to 9. This time the goals shaped the game differently, and the airports I so magnificently used the last time were almost completely missing. The random tile draw really changes the game. I had a clear goal from the start: I’ll keep my […]

  • Suburbia, FrankenDie, Cardcassonne, Trivitria Up

    This year has started well: I’ve played something every day. Yesterday was our weekly game night, and otherwise I’ve played with the kids. Suburbia was very good. It’s a city-building game, where you have to create a snowball economy. Points are scored during the game and in the end from four public goals and one […]