Earth and Space Base

I’m usually not interested in new games, but apparently, I can be persuaded. Something in Earth attracted me; I’m not sure what it was. I checked the rule book, which seemed complicated at first sight, and then went and learnt the game.

Earth cover

It’s not that tricky, really. It’s a game of many cards, tableau building and card combinations. There are four actions you repeat until someone finishes their 4×4 tableau, and then you total up the scores to see who won. This is easy to teach, but of course, the cards mess things up a little, and the initial impression of the game is very messy and fiddly.

But it is pretty good. Not great, or as good as, say, Ark Nova is, but still a solid 8. Earlier, I would’ve jumped and bought it; now, as we don’t really play games at home, I have no need to buy it since Taverna has it. But I do like it and will suggest it in the future, as it is the kind of game I enjoy. It ticks many boxes: many unique cards, combos, player-controlled length, nice theme.

If you like Wingspan and want something similar but more meaty, Earth is a fine choice.

Close up of Earth tableau
My tableau from yesterday. The wooden cylinders depict plant growth; the big tower is a fully grown Giant Club Cactus.

Space Base was also on the Taverna new games table. I’ve been interested in trying it since it’s an evolution of Machi Koro. The game delivered pretty much exactly what I expected. I liked it. The art isn’t great, and the sci-fi theme is bland, but yes, this is something I’d like to play more in the future.

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