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  • The Games Journal is out

    Finally the January 2003 The Games Journal is out. There’s an article about Princes of Florence and Puerto Rico by yours truly, a very interesting article (based on a thesis) about combining electronics and board games and some witty comedy. There’s also the solution for the last month’s Confrontation puzzle, which I thought was unsolvable. […]

  • Puerto Rico new buildings

    The new buildings for Puerto Rico can be found at the Terminal City Gamers web site. How to get them for real, I don’t know, but at least you can make your own with these.

  • New Games Journal is out

    Another issue of the fabulous Games Journal is out. There’s an interesting article about modifying games for the blind people to play and Greg Schloesser’s thoughts about writing bad reviews. There’s also an interesting Lord of the Rings: Confrontation puzzle I’m definitely trying to solve.

  • New rules translation: Canal Grande

    From now on, there’s a Finnish translation of Canal Grande available at my web site. It includes the four player rules. I’m looking forward to trying Canal Grande this weekend.

  • The Games Journal

    New Games Journal is out, go check it out. A thin issue this time, but good articles. There’s one from Greg Aleknevicus about specialiation and diversity in games and another about gamer’s games, a short Essen report, letters and a review of Liar’s Dice. Short, but good nonetheless.

  • The Games Journal

    New issue of The Games Journal is out. There’s articles about Germany, games with kids, educational games and Essen fair. Reviews include Trans America, Sleuth and Bang! There are rules to a game called WYSIWYG and of course, the letters (including a letter from yours truly!). Go read it, it’s excellent!

  • Excellent Die Macher review

    Don’t expect much links from me, this is not that kind of weblog. Still, I’ll occasionally bump into really good games-related content in the web and will mention it here as well. Dan Bosley has written a very good Die Macher review on the Terminal City Gamers web site (or read it from Boardgamegeek). It […]

  • Go comics

    This is your brain — This is your brain on Go Ko Fight Club has some of the best Go-related comics I’ve seen. Also, it’s not a bad idea at all to check out the RussCon session reports.

  • Games Journal

    The Games Journal for September has been published! Go read it now, if you’re interested in board games. It’s simply the best webzine there is. I usually read it immediately after it comes out. It’s always there, 1st of each month. I also always send Greg Aleknevicus, the editor, few lines of encouragement after each […]

  • Die Macher link

    Bob Rossney has analysed the various elements of Die Macher and compiled a nice table of them. Nice, and shows well that Die Macher isn’t the most simple game there is. Now I should be managing all that to my advantage to succeed!