Category: Session reports

  • Puerto Rico at BSW

    I played two games of Puerto Rico today at the Brettspielwelt. Both were quite exciting. The first one was four-player game. It was remarkably low-scoring one: winner had only 31 points. Unfortunately that winner wasn’t me. Even though I had whopping 24 colonists and fortress too, I was only able to tie with the winner […]

  • Board game club meeting

    So, here’s the promised session report. First of all, I was quite satisfied as plenty of people came to play. I didn’t count the total, but well over ten, we had four games going on almost all the time. My games started with Zértz — I’m trying to hook people into it. Jarno was my […]

  • Board game club sessions

    Our board game club had a very nice meeting today, I played Tichu, Drakon, Princes of Florence, Through the Desert and Zèrtz… But I’ll write a detailed session report later when I have more time.

  • Puerto Rico at BSW

    No matter what I do, I suck when it comes to Puerto Rico. I played another 3-player game at BSW and this time I was last. It was reasonably close, however: 35-37-40. I’ve used similar tactic very much lately, perhaps I should change it… As usual, I got Hospice and Construction Hut and got four […]

  • Carcassonne at BSW

    I went today to BSW to play Tichu which I’ve decided to learn. However, unlike usually, there was only one Tichu player there. So, unwilling to leave empty-handed, I played a two-player game of an old favourite, Carcassonne. It was a very good game. The result says it all: I won 108-105! It was very […]

  • This is war!

    It’s been a while since I last played my favourite computer strategy game, Steel Panthers. I have both Steel Panthers I and II and I loved them both. Nowadays, of course, the game to play is Steel Panthers: World at War. We found out some time ago with Tommy that we both like the game […]

  • BSW gaming: Puerto Rico

    Another game of Puerto Rico at BSW — it seems quite easy to pick up PR games there, like it used to be easiest to get Carcassonne games earlier. And yet again, I did not win. I got a really bad start — I did buy Hospice on the first round, but failed to get […]

  • Die Macher — at last!

    Here we go! Last week it looked a bit like there wasn’t going to be a game at all, but at the last moment I got some players. Unfortunately there was one cancellation, but we got three-player game going and that was good enough for me. I started to explain the rules at about 2 […]

  • BSW session

    I play at BrettSpielWelt every now and then (my name there is Mikko) and today was one of those occasions. I played two games of Puerto Rico and a game of TransAmerica. Both of the Puerto Rico games were three-player games. First one ended before I noticed — I was a victim of the confusing […]

  • Another lost game of Go + some escaping from Alcatraz

    Another game of Go, another loss to Janne. This time the numbers were more to my favour, 62-75. It was quite an interesting game, actually — Janne started killing one of my groups right away and actually managed to do it — when he did it, the group was about 20 stones. However, I got […]