Category: Session reports

  • Second game of Go

    We played another game of Go yesterday. This time the stones weren’t on my side: Janne beat me 76 to 51 (I was black, he gave me again 9 stones handicap). I managed to build a very nice and large territory in the middle of the board, but that was pretty much all I got. […]

  • Go game yesterday

    Well, I did play a game of Go yesterday. We played on a 19×19 board and Janne gave me handicap of nine stones (he’s about 15k, I’m about 25k). It was an interesting and pretty close match, which I eventually won by 4 points. I had more separate batches of territory, but he had about […]

  • Weekend gaming

    This weekend I visited my parents and played games with them. I also tested my new game recording system: I bought a small notebook which I dedicated to making notes on my games. Before I’ve made notes in my calendar, this way they are a bit more permanent and I can have more room to […]

  • Card games at a café

    Here’s the session report I promised. Three of my friends (Laura, Ville and Olli) showed up and we had some tea (Chinese Gunpowder, didn’t like it), soft drinks (Dr. Pepper, I loved it) and card games at a local café. The café was a pretty good environment — it was very quiet (but a bit […]

  • Games I’ve played recently

    Few words on some games I’ve played recently: Two days ago I tried out Puerto Rico in the Brettspielwelt, the German online board game server. Puerto Rico must’ve been a tough conversion, but they’ve done reasonable job cramming all that information on such a small screen. The building menu is hidden well and can’t be […]