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  • Karibik and TransAmerica

    I got a nice packet yesterday. Inside I found two games from Winning Moves, Karibik and TransAmerica and some Kosmos two-player games (Lost Cities and Balloon Cup). What all these games have in common? They are all coming out in Finnish next year and I’m working on the translations. You know how much I like […]

  • A two-player game session

    My brother came by and, of course, we played some games. The first game we played was Memoir ’44. We took the Operation Lüttich scenario; I was the allies, he was the axis. I lost 4-2, as his elite panzers managed to secure the village Axis needed to get and then killed three of my […]

  • Balloon Cup

    I’ve written a review of Balloon Cup — in Finnish, of course. I grabbed the opportunity to get the game for free (well, not for free, but as a payment; anyway I didn’t have to spend any of my precious money to buy it), because I had heard so much good about it. It wasn’t […]

  • Balloon Cup rules

    I wrote a Finnish translation of Balloon Cup rules.

  • Weekend games, Saturday: Monopoly, Puerto Rico

    Saturday began with a surprising game choice: Monopoly. I’ve been wanting to play it for a while now and finally I got the opportunity. I played with Oskari and Severi. Oskari was the first one to be dropped out, when he went bankrupt on my houses. I got a nice bunch of mortgaged properties, most […]

  • Weekend games, Friday: Puerto Rico

    My trip to Jyväskylä went well. My brother picked me up from the busy railroad station and gave me a lift to where my mother and Ismo live. Before he left, we played few games of Battle Line. Which was nice, especially as I won two out of three. Balloon Cup was fairly popular game […]

  • The Games Journal

    A new issue of The Games Journal has been published. Quite good, too. Greg Alecnevikus has written an interesting article about his Space Hulk project and Dave Shapiro has written a good article about “milestone” board games. There’s also a review of Balloon Cup and bless me, I’ve never figured out the card distributions vary […]

  • Wednesday Games, part 7: Mü, Tichu

    Another pleasant session of Wednesday games! I started with a game of Balloon Cup with Erkka, who was first to arrive. He also won that game… While we were at it, Olli and Vesa arrived. They played a game of East-West while waiting for us to finish. Olli had to leave for a while, but […]

  • Balloon Cup, Time Control, Confrontation

    I took some pictures. My photo gallery now has new pictures of Balloon Cup, Time Control and Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation.

  • Wednesday games, part 6: Time Control, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

    This time we had a much smaller attendance. I arrived at 11.30 am and met Erkka, who had also just arrived. Fortunately I had planned to play two-player games! We started with Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation. We played two games, and both of us won one game. We both won with the good […]