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I just moved my blog subscriptions from Bloglines to Google Reader, because Bloglines blanked out yesterday — no updates on any blogs at all. It seems to work now, but perhaps I’ll try something else for a while. Changing readers is fortunately very simple, as all good feed readers use standard export/import tools. The compatibility is amazing!

Anyhow, I was weeding my board game blog list and noticed that it’s really thin: it seems most of the blogs I’m subscribed to have been abandoned. I haven’t followed the new stuff, either. So, how about some recommendations? I checked the BGIA nominees and subscribed to most of those. Any other recommendations?

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3 responses to “Recommend me blogs to read”

  1. I just wanted to thank you for listing the BGIA nominees. That’s an incredible resources. I’m just getting into board gaming myself, and that list will help me get a better feel for the community at large. I’m shocked at how many great games exist that are off most people’s radar.