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  • BoardGameGeek supporter

    BoardGameGeek is having another fundraiser. Last time I skipped it, but now I had a credit card and a PayPal account, so I made a donation. Also, because they now have better user identification system, they are able to give nifty “BGG Supporter” logos for people who donate at least $10. Neat. Because dollar is […]

  • Electric news

    I heard Rio Grande Games is doing an English version of Funkenschlag. The new version will be called Power Grid. It has — obviously — better components and also streamlined rules, so it should play in two hours or less. Sounds absolutely great, if they don’t streamline it too much. Anyway buying it will be […]

  • New Boardgamegeek functions

    BoardGameGeek keeps getting better and better. Latest new gadget is a list of game rating correlations with other users. That way you can know who other users enjoy similar games as you do, so you can perhaps value their opinions more. That’s rather neat and pretty useful. You can also get a list of recommended […]

  • Growing old and bitter

    I went through my Boardgamegeek ratings and updated them a bit. Seems I’m becoming more critical: my average rating went down from 7.30 to 6.99. Quite a few games dived from 7 to 4, for example. It was an interesting exercise…

  • T&E Play-by-email at BGG

    I’ve started to play Tigris & Euphrates at the Boardgamegeek. The interface is pretty ok — if you have decent Internet connection. It is quite heavy, so modem users might want to skip this one. However, if you’re not afraid of slow loading, feel free to challenge me to games. My Geek id is msaari. […]