T&E Play-by-email at BGG

I’ve started to play Tigris & Euphrates at the Boardgamegeek. The interface is pretty ok — if you have decent Internet connection. It is quite heavy, so modem users might want to skip this one. However, if you’re not afraid of slow loading, feel free to challenge me to games. My Geek id is msaari.

I’ve started a two-player game and will no doubt report here how it goes.

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2 responses to “T&E Play-by-email at BGG”

  1. It worked great for me, but I’ve got broadband. It reminded me what a superb game Tigris and Euphrates is.

  2. Yeah, no problems here either — but it a slow loader, even though I have a very good connection.
    Great game, anyway — I hope they would do more games!