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  • Gaming Year 2011

    2010 was a good year. Well, 2011 was even better. I played more games than on any year on my records. Quality matters, too, but I can control quality more than I can control quantity and if quantity is good, quality tends to be good as well. I played lots of games with my son. […]

  • Cavum

    Last week I finally got Cavum on table. I bought it a while ago (June 2010 to be specific — I had been wondering about the exact time, yet I didn’t check the blog, silly me) and it took over an year to get it on the table. It’s a heavy game, with a two-hour […]

  • Bohnanza and Rattus

    Yesterday we were supposed to play Cavum, which I’ve had for quite a while now, but that plan failed: there were five of us. The curse of a small game group… I don’t mind a smaller group, as it makes it more likely that you get to play the same games again with same people, […]

  • Shopping news

    With more information, I’ve been able to drop both Age of Industry and Workshop of the World off my shopping list. Always nice when that happens before I buy the game… Age of Industry is locally available and the local folks played it, clocking in at three and half hours. No thanks. Even pushed to […]