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With more information, I’ve been able to drop both Age of Industry and Workshop of the World off my shopping list. Always nice when that happens before I buy the game… Age of Industry is locally available and the local folks played it, clocking in at three and half hours. No thanks. Even pushed to two and half (apparently possible), it’s too much. Workshop of the World simply got bad enough review from a trusted enough source.

As I thus saved about 90 euros, I could justify buying something else. A friend asked if I wanted to join a Milan-Spiele order and why not — there’s Cavum at 47% discount, only 17 or so euros with shipping. Not bad, considering it’s something I’ve been interested in for a while now and even if I don’t like it, I can probably sell it for at least 10 euros, so the price is right.

Looking at the Essen 2010 Canonical list gives me some ideas…

  • 7 Wonders — Based on everything I’ve read so far, must buy. Likely a hit, good 30-minute games aren’t common enough.
  • Bargain Hunter — Reprint of Snäppchen Jagd, which has interested me, like, always. Buy at the right price.
  • Dominion: Prosperity — Going to get the Finnish edition, though I haven’t even bought Alchemy yet. Buy, most likely.
  • Gosu — Perhaps? The name bugs me, as Gosu is goSupermodelPossible, want more information.
  • London — Sounds good so far. Possible, want more information.
  • Schwarzer Freitag — Good buzz on the Finnish board game society forums. Possible, want more information.
  • Inca Empire — New version of Tahuantinsuyu, which intrigued me at some point. Possible, want more information.
  • Samarkand Expansion — Definitely want to know more about this one. Buy, most likely.

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7 responses to “Shopping news”

  1. We played a three players game of Age of Industry in about 2 hours. Can’t really see how can you make it last three hours and a half. You should try it, anyway, maybe you’d like it 🙂

  2. I don’t know how, but my friends did it… They expect to shave off an hour, but it’s still too long — I was expecting more like 90 minutes when it was said AoI is Brass-lite.

  3. The space between the arrows is how much I’m surprised: -><-. Want me to fetch you a copy with Mac Gerdts' autograph on it?