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  • Finnish translations

    I’ve been doing some updating on the Finnish side of my game stuff. I’m going to pick up my Adam order today and new games means new translations. I’ve already done Crokinole,

  • Crokinole

    When I went to Jyväskylä last weekend, there was not one but two Crokinole boards waiting for me! Ismo had done great work, they were beautiful. One was a round board made of all birch veneer, other one was octagon-shaped with base of MDF board (which meant a nice two-colour look). I took the round…

  • Crokinole

    I’ve been having these crazy ideas about getting myself a Crokinole board. That’s sort of silly, but it’s not like I’m able to get a pool table anytime soon… It’s worse now I found Crokinole Companions web site. Crokinole boards from Germany! Less postage costs, no customs, no taxes. Still very expensive, but perhaps not…