International business: Greed and Acquire

Greed, inc. #boardgames Two weeks ago we played Greed, incorporated. This is a Splotter game that came out in 2009. I’ve played it once before in 2010, then it languished unplayed for two years… But finally we got to play it again. Again, it was a blast. This is one of the most entertaining games I know, few games are as funny as Greed.

I managed to do some nice corporate shenanigans, as I got to run two companies pretty early on. I dumped my initial company in the first wave, then was the first player to start a new company (the guy who bought points instead won the game, though) and inherited another starting company. Those two companies had nice synergy, building railroads and converting them into loans. Money was involved, a lot.

All in all very entertaining game. Perhaps better with four than the five players we had now, but still – we had three newbies involved and still managed to play the game in three hours. That’s not bad at all.

Last week we played Neue Heimat, this time just a single round. That was a bit too much as well. Didn’t get much love, this one. I like it, though – it’s a nice and nasty auction game. The three-round full game is too long and repetitive for me, but I could see myself enjoying the one-round game. However, that’s unlikely to happen. In retrospect I’d say five players is not a good amount of players for this game, things get too chaotic.

We then followed with Acquire. Nobody else had played it before. It’s one of those must-try games, really, as it’s one of rather few games from 1960s that are still worth playing. We had a rather good time with it, too. Acquire works with five, though it’s probably somewhat better with four players.

I’m quite happy with my 1971 3M edition, even though the plastic tiles are bit on the cheap side. The game’s only missing tile racks, because the tiles are a bit small to stand on their own, but that’s quick to fix – I just ordered two sets of four Scrabble racks from eBay, they’re just about perfect for this.

Giant hotel chains in Acquire #boardgames 1971 Acquire #boardgames

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