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  • Funny geeklist

    Every now and then you hit a good GeekList… Variants for the Criminally Twisted (or editions that didn’t make it to production) is one of those, especially this item: Slightly Odd Behaviour at House on the Hill: Players scramble about in a mysterious old house while slightly odd things occur, like they discover that two…

  • Finnish Players’ Picks, coming right up!

    Friday’s are slow at work. Thus, I had plenty of time to tally the votes for the Finnish Players’ Picks. However, I’m not telling you anything yet, you’ll have to wait for another boring day at work before I do the GeekList. All I’m saying that top of the list had both same old hits…

  • Austrian Game of the Year awards

    Mik Svellov (of brilliant Brett’n’Board) announced the Austrian Spiel des Spiele awards for this year. There’s a list of award winners either at his SDS page or my GeekList. While I don’t really care about the award (it has very short history and none of the effect of Spiel des Jahres awards), there’s something quite…

  • International Gamers Awards 2004 nominees

    It’s time for International Gamers Awards again. You can find the nominees for 2004 awards in multiplayer and two-player categories (historical simulation was awarded earlier) at the IGA nominee page or at the Geek in the IGA nominee GeekList I made. The lists are impressive and picking the winners will be difficult. I’m rooting for…

  • Anagrams of Boardgame Titles

    Being a some kind of word person myself, I found the geeklist Anagrams of Boardgame Titles rather interesting. My favourite of the crop is probably one twisted from Hammer of the Scots: "Shame, frost cometh" — that’s certainly what English player might think when his attack to crush the Scottish resistance would need just one…

  • Geeklist

    Googlism Geeklist is one of the best I’ve seen in ages. It’s just hilarious.

  • Geeklist and dice games

    I did an A-Z list of games. It’s available in the Geek as a GeekList. Feel free to comment it here or there. Finnish readers should note that Knizia’s brilliant book Dice Games Properly Explained is available from Suomalainen kirjakauppa and Bookplus. The price is very reasonable 10 euros.

  • Gamer sense of humor

    Who says gamers don’t have a sense of humour: GeekList of X-rated games — terribly funny! BoardgameGeek entry #69: Bollox GeekList of haiku reviews GeekList of devilishly good games — there’s no fun like satanic fun