Funny geeklist

Every now and then you hit a good GeekList… Variants for the Criminally Twisted (or editions that didn’t make it to production) is one of those, especially this item:

Slightly Odd Behaviour at House on the Hill: Players scramble about in a mysterious old house while slightly odd things occur, like they discover that two people have the same birthday or a cat sneezes uncontrollably! Once enough slightly odd things have happened, one of the players TURNS and becomes slightly rude / and or mean, and insults one of his or her former team mates, or possibly, even threatens them with a hat pin!

… with Joe Gola’s (man, there’s a genius) comments:

Maybe what’s slightly odd are just the rules inconsistencies.

"Hmm. In order to win this haunt peculiarity I have to simultaneously roll a 2 and 5 on one die. Well, here goes. [breaks wrist.] Ow! Son of a…hey, wait, I did it! Cool! Check out the new dimension."

"No fair using hypercube dice, dude. That’s totally against the rules."

"Are you sure?"


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