Tag: Jyväskylä

  • Lost Cities weekend

    I visited my parents last weekend and as usual, games were played. I took my standard set of games: the Africa box, filled with Africa, Puerto Rico and 6 Nimmt, Battle Line which included Vom Kap bis Kairo and as a newcomer, Lost Cities. Lost Cities turned out to be the big hit of the […]

  • Post-Christmas games: Villa Paletti & Scrabble

    I went “back home” to visit my parents with Johanna. Games couldn’t be avoided, especially since I had given Villa Paletti to my mother as a Christmas present. It turned out to be a good gift — which was expected, since she has always enjoyed Timpuri, a Finnish variant of Jenga. Well, we played a […]

  • Weekend gaming

    This weekend I visited my parents and played games with them. I also tested my new game recording system: I bought a small notebook which I dedicated to making notes on my games. Before I’ve made notes in my calendar, this way they are a bit more permanent and I can have more room to […]