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  • Puzzle Strike and gambling starlords

    Puzzle Strike. Three more games. These were the best games so far. I played well, I think, winning two out of three. The games were well-fought and exciting. A tad long at 30 minutes or so each, but they didn’t drag on. I suppose there’s a good game in there. Going to play more today. Suggest. […]

  • Gaming Year 2011

    2010 was a good year. Well, 2011 was even better. I played more games than on any year on my records. Quality matters, too, but I can control quality more than I can control quantity and if quantity is good, quality tends to be good as well. I played lots of games with my son. […]

  • Lords of Vegas

    Hey, I did play games last week. Better blog about them before I head to this week’s game session, right? We tested an auction acquisition from last summer, Lords of Vegas. Had to try it before the math trade deadline, so I know if I have to pass it on right away… but no, it’s […]