Tag: Memoir ’44: Eastern Front

  • Memoir ’44: Pacific Theater

    Review in Finnish. Pacific Theater is the latest expansion for Memoir ’44. Like Eastern Front, it adds new figures, new rules and new scenarios to the basic game. This time the fighting is between the Japanese and the US Marine Corps. Japanese forces never surrender (that is, always ignore the first retreat flag), attack with […]

  • Battles in the east

    I met Olli for a session of Memoir ’44. We ended up exploring the Eastern Front expansion. Both scenarios we played — Gates of Moscow and Breakout to Lisyanka — were excellent. Add the excellent Suomussalmi scenario to that and the expansion pack starts to feel like a pretty good purchase. The scenarios are great. […]

  • Memoir, football and Blue Moon

    I wanted to try the Memoir ’44 expansions and invited Olli H. over to give them a go with me. Here’s what we played: We started with the Suomussalmi scenario from Eastern Front. It’s the only Winter War scenario and thus a must. It’s also quite an interesting one. Russians are holding the village of […]