Memoir ’44: Pacific Theater

Review in Finnish.

Pacific Theater is the latest expansion for Memoir ’44. Like Eastern Front, it adds new figures, new rules and new scenarios to the basic game.

This time the fighting is between the Japanese and the US Marine Corps. Japanese forces never surrender (that is, always ignore the first retreat flag), attack with an extra die in Close Assault if full-strength and can run from two hexes away to perform a Close Assault. They’re tough. Marines, in the other hand, always activate one more unit. They also have flame-thrower tanks and all sorts of other goodies.

The scenarios are an interesting bunch. Some use the new night-attack rules, where the scenario begins in full darkness (visibility and range one hex) and the day dawns slowly, based on die rolls.

Overall, I’d say Pacific Theater is another must-buy expansion for Memoir ’44 fans. There are few downsides; I guess they could include more than eight scenarios. However, there’s lots of stuff, and while the box is still quite flimsy, the new stuff is on the usual quality level (and the figures are probably the best so far).

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