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  • Thursday session: Greentown, Corner Lot

    During yesterday’s game session, I was able to play the two games I most wanted. First we played Greentown, a rather excellent route-building game. Players develop the board to make the most beneficial tourist routes. Route cards specify the length of the route and the mandatory and optional locations to visit. Visiting places makes you […]

  • A new prototype!

    I came up with a simple game idea today; it was so simple I didn’t even need to write up the rules to try it. It was fun, and definitely something I’ll develop a bit more. It does have a good pedigree, since the idea is very much based on Fresh Fish and Alien City. […]

  • Boardgame club meeting: Fifth Avenue, Finstere Flure

    The first boardgame club meeting this Fall was yesterday. It sure was great to get some gaming action going on. We had a decent showing, with about two tables going on most of the time. First game I played was Fifth Avenue. It was much better than the last time. This time even the scoring […]

  • Monday games: Go, prototype

    Yet another Monday games session! This one started with a game of Go against Juho. Yet again I lost giving two stone handicap, so obviously that’s too much (or then I just play sloppy). The most interesting part of this game was the fact that I counted the score using Chinese scoring. That was fun. […]

  • Café sessions: Go, Gang of Four

    Today was the first time our café group met on Monday and I’d say it was a success. Total of six people played games. Afternoon began with a 13×13 Go match, which I won. It was a close match, though. Meanwhile our number had grown to four, so we started a game of my prototype. […]

  • Board game club meeting

    Our board game club had a meeting yesterday. Lots of games were played, which was good. I started the afternoon with Web of Power. It’s one of my favourites, but I haven’t played it often this year. I should, I should… The game was rather exciting in the end. My score depended a lot from […]

  • Wednesday games, part 8: Liar Dice

    We had another pleasant game session Yesterday. I started with Erkka, trying out a prototype I’ve been thinking about lately. My aim is to create a card-driven two-player tile-laying game that feels like Go. Not an easy task and the current version of the game simply sucks. Too bad. I’ll try to fix it a […]

  • Wednesday games: Fluxx, Sticheln, Bohnanza

    Because I’m trying to spend my time doing something else than studying, I got this idea of weekly game afternoon. I chose afternoon, because Johanna is lucky and has a job and thus isn’t home and I can then be back home when she is. The first of these Wednesday meetings was today and it […]

  • A prototype game

    I got a prototype game in mail from an American reader of this web site. It looks interesting, it’s a quite flexible abstract game system. A bit like the GIPF project games, perhaps. But, that’s all about it now — I’ll write a detailed review if and when they start selling the game and want […]

  • Game idea

    For the last few days, I’ve been thinking about an auction game idea. It just might have something to do with the fact that I played Ra Friday and enjoyed it a lot… Anyway, I’m eager to test my ideas. If it works out, I’ll publish the game on my web site. The game is […]