Monday games: Go, prototype

Yet another Monday games session! This one started with a game of Go against Juho. Yet again I lost giving two stone handicap, so obviously that’s too much (or then I just play sloppy). The most interesting part of this game was the fact that I counted the score using Chinese scoring. That was fun.

Then we tried my new game idea. It’s called Median right now and it’s a three-player trick-taker. The idea of the game is to be the middle one of three players after ten tricks have been played. Other players score negative points for each trick they have over or under the median. It’s nice, compact (only 30 cards in the deck), fun to play and pretty elegant design, I think. The only problem right now is that the game feels a bit tame because the scoring is fairly low. I need to figure something out for that, but in general, I think it was a raging success for the first playtest.

Then we played a game of Sticheln, this time with four players. It was a nasty game, Juho got over thirty negative points in one round. Ouch.

That was it, then. Next gaming event will probably be a game of Mahjong scheduled for the Saturday evening. It’ll be my first ever proper long game of Mahjong, with enough time for it. It’s about time, huh!

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