A new prototype!

I came up with a simple game idea today; it was so simple I didn’t even need to write up the rules to try it. It was fun, and definitely something I’ll develop a bit more. It does have a good pedigree, since the idea is very much based on Fresh Fish and Alien City. My game, which is for some unknown reason about a little piggy going out to town, is a lot more simple than either of those.

The first game did leave me quite encouraged, so I’ll work on it a bit more. Johanna enjoyed it too, even though she had some criticism, too. Now I’ll just have to think about it, make some changes and try again. At some point I’ll let someone else try it, too — volunteers with a Fresh Fish set (that’s the easiest way to play it) can step up. I’d especially appreciate someone with kids, since that’s the likely target group.

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2 responses to “A new prototype!”

  1. I’ll certainly volunteer, Mikko. I’ve got a son (10) who enjoys playing Fresh Fish with me and a daughter (7) who, while she enjoys games in general, hasn’t tried FF yet. I’m sure they’d both be up for trying our your prototype rules.
    Keep me in mind when you are ready for feedback.