Puerto Rico PBW over

Our PBW Puerto Rico game is over. It took about five months, which is too much. The delays got pretty bad at times. Well, I’m not to blame, even though I had few longer delays: I was still the fastest player to respond according to the end-game statistics.

I lost, but it was close: the final scores ran from 49 to 45 points. I know where my loss came from: I didn’t get the Guild Hall, it was snatched right before my eyes. That’s life. It would’ve brought me 10 points, now I got 8 points from my two large buildings. That’s four points there… Well, maybe it would’ve taken more than that, but anyway, I think it was pretty well played from all of us.

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4 responses to “Puerto Rico PBW over”

  1. Thanks for the game. You’re right that it was way too long, but I still enjoyed it.
    I’m losing interest with PBEM at the moment. I’ll have to write a post about it soon.

  2. Interesting. Looking forward to that post.
    I’m still playing, but it’s mostly Go, StreetSoccer and the rest of the Little Golem games. I have little interest for other sites, I’m so used to Little Golem. It works for me. It certainly keeps my Go needs satisfied.

  3. Ha. No stamina any of you. My 7 Ages Cyberboard game has now been running 14 months and we’re still only in the 5th Age.

  4. Oh, don’t talk to me about stamina! I’m a veteran of a Britannia game that took a year and a battle-hardened GM of a Youngstown Diplomacy match that consumed 27 months and 22 players =) That was a nightmare.
    And yes, both were a way, way, way too long.