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  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

    A review of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective in Finnish is up. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a curious game unlike any other I’ve played. It’s closest relatives are in the world of solo roleplaying books, you know, the one with numbered chapters you look up. “To go west, see chapter 123; to go east, see […]

  • DVD Sudoku

    I played a game of DVD Sudoku with Johanna yesterday (that’s something only an exceptionally good wife would do for her husband!) and wrote a review in Finnish on the other site. DVD Sudoku is one of the games featuring the biggest thing of 2005. This version adds another 2005 trend: a DVD. Can something […]

  • DVD Sudoku preview

    My entry on DVD Sudoku puzzled Alfred in one his Best of Blogosphere reports (I’m seeing my entries mentioned often enough, by the way — thanks for that, Alfred). So, maybe I should give more details, now that I was able to try the game? The box contains a board, 81 cardboard tiles, two-page rules […]

  • More piecepack games

    Today I printed out some new piecepack games and tried two of them. They were the recommended solitaire games. Tula is like a traditional card solitaire ported to piecepack. I found it so and so. I played four games and completed it once. Once I got only one tile after the first free tile. I […]

  • First piecepack games

    I printed out some piecepack games yesterday so I could try my new set. For the obvious reasons I chose some games from the Solitary Confinement competition winners. I took a look at Piece Packing Pirates, the contest winner, but when I noticed it has nine pages of rules, I decided to leave it for […]

  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

    I played Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective yesterday and had great fun with it. The case wasn’t obvious — after an hour of reading clues I still had no decisive ideas who did the case. Re-reading some of the first entries finally produced the small detail I had missed which solved the case. Ok, now let’s […]