First piecepack games

I printed out some piecepack games yesterday so I could try my new set. For the obvious reasons I chose some games from the Solitary Confinement competition winners.

I took a look at Piece Packing Pirates, the contest winner, but when I noticed it has nine pages of rules, I decided to leave it for later use.

I had seen a picture of Fuji-san (at Rozmiarek Games Page) and I wanted to try it. It was delightful little abstract. I echo Susan’s comment on the game being easy — I solved it two times out of three. Last game might’ve been unsolvable (well, that’s my excuse). Still, it’s a game I’ll probably try again, as it’s easy to set up and plays fast. While it’s easy, it’s still fun to solve.

Another game I tried was a runner-up in the competition: Cardinal’s Guards. The designer had perhaps something do with my selection, as I have enjoyed Michael Schoessow’s card game Pond. Cardinal’s Guards was a rather interesting game. At first it seemed almost impossible, but in the end I managed to search every chamber and ended up with a score of 44/56. It was quite satisfying and if I’m in a need of solitary puzzling, Cardinal’s Guards is a good choice.

I’ll probably try some multiplayer games next Monday, meanwhile I’ll see if I’ll have time to check more solitaire games.

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2 responses to “First piecepack games”

  1. I played another game of Cardinal’s Guards today. I played a perfect game, scoring the 56 points. The impossible puzzle turns out to be rather easy in the end… Perhaps I should try the optional rules which make it harder.

  2. Galaxy Express

    I am not normally sad enough to play solitaire board games on a Saturday night, but Ness is ill, there’s nothing on the TV, I’ve read all my favourite websites and my PC is in too poor condition for video…