More piecepack games

Today I printed out some new piecepack games and tried two of them. They were the recommended solitaire games.

Tula is like a traditional card solitaire ported to piecepack. I found it so and so. I played four games and completed it once. Once I got only one tile after the first free tile. I had to use the mercy swapping rule twice, and it’s highly recommended unless you like to shuffle the tiles a lot. It’s a nice little solitaire game that’s easy to play, so I can see myself playing it again.

One Man Thrag has an interesting concept: it’s solitaire dungeon crawling game. That’s cool, and it works well, too. The game is rather luck-heavy, so it might not be for everyone’s tastes; I’m not completely sure how much I like it. Still, the theme works and it was fun to play, so I might actually try it again one day.

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One response to “More piecepack games”

  1. Neither of these two will set the world alight, but they are enjoyable.
    One Man Thrag is good because it’s so original. It really uses the piecepack to its full potential.