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  • Wednesday Games, part II: Card games

    First: I’m now a proud owner of Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. I got my game from the post office yesterday and I’m really looking forward to an opportunity to try it — it looks absolutely brilliant. Then: we had a very nice game session yesterday. Six players were there, but not at the same time. […]

  • Wednesday games: Fluxx, Sticheln, Bohnanza

    Because I’m trying to spend my time doing something else than studying, I got this idea of weekly game afternoon. I chose afternoon, because Johanna is lucky and has a job and thus isn’t home and I can then be back home when she is. The first of these Wednesday meetings was today and it […]

  • Weekend games: Sunda to Sahul, Sticheln, Bakari

    I had a nice weekend, when it comes to games. First game I played Friday was an old favourite, Battle Line. It’s always a blast, and I actually managed to win half of the six games I played during the weekend. But that wasn’t the main attraction. I desperately wanted to play Sunda to Sahul. […]

  • Café Games: Sunda to Sahul, Sticheln

    I’ve been quite anxious to play Sunda to Sahul lately and finally, after one canceled attempt last week, I was able. After finishing the morning session of Der Wahnvorstellung, I met Ville and Laura at the Klubi, which has became the standard location for these spontaneous game meetings. So, we started with Sunda. Ville came […]

  • Board game club meeting

    Board game club had a meeting Yesterday. There were plans to play Die Macher, since it was the election day and all that, but it was cancelled because I couldn’t find the rule book… Well, I suppose most people had a good afternoon and evening of enjoyment nevertheless. I got to play just about every […]

  • Got some games

    I think I mentioned an Adam Spielt order two weeks ago… Well, I got the games yesterday: Sticheln and Bohnanza. So no Wizard for me! Reason for that is the simple fact that Wizard is easily played with the Sticheln deck as it only adds four Wizards and four Jesters to the standard deck — […]

  • More games at BSW

    I played few more games at the Brettspielwelt. First, I played two games of Web of Power — my first games this year! I lost first one (badly), then managed to win the other. I also tried Medina. The way they’ve done it is much better than most of the games there, the user interface […]