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  • Gaming Year 2017

    In 2016 I tried 133 new games. That, I felt, was too much, and in 2017, a move was made to correct that. 17% of my plays were spent trying new games, and it felt too much. In 2017, I tried just 67 new games. The total number of plays was also slightly reduced, mostly […]

  • Year metric

    I’ve been a fan of Matthew Gray’s month metric. Now I happened unto his Every year 2007 update, focusing on the year metric. I haven’t been bothering with that, believing I wouldn’t have many high-scoring games. Well, I thought, why not — it’s a simple thing to add to my game stats package. I was […]

  • Pre-Helcon games

    Helcon is history and it’s time to write another lengthy epic on the games played. The event was a wild success, with over 50 visitors during the two days. The place we had was practically full during the Saturday afternoon. There’s definitely new event next year, but we might be forced to look for a […]

  • Lahti games weekend, Friday

    Another Lahti gaming weekend is over now. Organised by Peter Munter of Puolenkuun Pelit, the event is rather merry occasion. The participants were all-male invite-only group of friends and friends of friends. The average age of the players is probably a tad higher than what I’m used to and there’s a certain bloke mentality involved. […]

  • Independence Day games

    Even though next board game club meeting is tomorrow, I invited Robert and Olli to my place for some games. It was a very good way to spend the Independence Day in my opinion, especially as Johanna was out of town. First we played some new games I hadn’t yet tried. I’ll write more detailed […]

  • HelCon II — Saturday

    Saturday was the first day of HelCon II. We got up early, packed the car and headed towards the location. Which was quite nice, really! For once the space was open and had windows and even the bathrooms were quite clean. Of course, there was the limitation that all gaming must end before the alarm […]

  • The Games Journal

    A new issue of The Games Journal is out. In includes a rather interesting article about categorizing games based on player experience by Richard Vickery. There’s also an article by yours truly about tournaments, a story about the Sid Sackson auction and a propaganda for diversification of the board game industry. On top of that, […]

  • What’s new

    I’ve been doing lots of stuff lately, just haven’t had time to document it here. I’ve played T&E at BGG, bought games, written about games and so on… I lost my first game of Tigris & Euphrates at the BoardGameGeek. I had no chance, as I had short supply of red tiles and did some […]

  • T&E Play-by-email at BGG

    I’ve started to play Tigris & Euphrates at the Boardgamegeek. The interface is pretty ok — if you have decent Internet connection. It is quite heavy, so modem users might want to skip this one. However, if you’re not afraid of slow loading, feel free to challenge me to games. My Geek id is msaari. […]