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  • It’s Essen time again

    The Christmas is coming, by which I mean Essen. There’s a pile of new games getting published, but I’m really not very interested in most of them. I mean, there’s plenty of nice stuff coming, but in the end, I don’t really care. I must say we’ve had excellent service on the Board Game Society […]

  • Thursday session: Chinatown, Wabash

    I’m a bit busy with all sorts of stuff, and my blog writing tends to suffer. I finally got the playing-card review posted — I scanned the pictures in June and the blog entry was created more than a week ago… but now it’s up, and next is our board game session from last Tuesday […]

  • Thursday session: Dolmengötter, Pampas Railroads

    Our latest game session (actually on Tuesday) got a good start with Die Dolmengötter. It’s a favourite of me and Hannu, and the others were happy to play the game as well. Mika was the only newbie around. Petri had devised a rather clever strategy: avoid Mikko. I certainly did fairly well, pretty much thanks […]

  • Thursday session: Dutch InterCity, Modern Art

    As my order from Northumbria Games arrived in just two days, we started our games with Dutch InterCity. We had four players, but fifth arrived just when we were about to start. Five, then. Dutch InterCity is an older title from Winsome Games and a progenitor for the Riding series. It is somewhat similar to […]

  • Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball, Canal Mania

    Oops. I noticed I had missed blogging our previous Thursday game session. You see, I got sick (stomach flu, fortunately Johanna and Nooa avoided the same bug) the night after that, so I had something else to think about for a while… But here it is, just in time before our next session! After a […]

  • Hot games for Q1/2008

    Oh my, another quarter gone! The previous one was good, how about this one? Wabash Cannonball is the hottest of the hot, and no wonder. I’ve loved every game so far. I’d like to try a five-player game at some point, to see how that changes the game. And of course more games with three […]

  • Games day with Tommy and Stefu: Trains and stuff

    Tommy and Stefu came over to spend a day playing games. Johanna was very kind to take Nooa to her parents so we could have our place for us. A chance to play longer, meatier games in such a great company is rare and something to cherish. We did start with some actual meat, though. […]

  • Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball, Great Wall of China

    Thanks to Easter, we had to reschedule our Thursday games to Wednesday. I started the session with Don. It’s been a while since I last played this little filler. Too long, actually, as I was already getting hazy with the rules. That’s unconvenient, as I only have the German rules… Well, we did play it […]

  • Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball, Thebes

    More Wabash Cannonball. Hannu was keen to give the game another go and so was I. We were joined by Petri and Make, both newbies. It was an interesting game… This time we played for long, it took us almost 90 minutes to finish. Petri tends to do that for games, I’ve noticed, but we […]

  • Thursday session: Wabash Cannonball, Tarot

    Thanks to series of unexpected delays, I waited and waited for my copy of Wabash Cannonball. Apparently there were problems in just about every part of proceedings. Well, the game did arrive last Wednesday, just in time for our Thursday games. I don’t mind the delays now that I have the game, so thanks JC, […]