Die Macher — finally

I don’t remember when I first got interested about Die Macher. It’s appreciated a lot in some circles, at least. For example, its ID number in the Boardgamegeek database is 1, it was the first game ever to be entered there. Don’t know if that’s a token of appreciation, I’d like to think it is. It’s always been on their top-10 lists, too.

How can it be? It’s a monster game, or closest thing to a monster game the German game market has produced. Game time is from three to six hours; teaching the rules for the first time takes usually an hour or so. The theme is ever so compelling: the exciting German elections. Politics, and not even domestic! How can I be interested in that?

Well, I can. First of all, it’s been ranked highly — it must be a good game. The mechanics look interesting, complex and deep, while being logical and clear. Despite the long length, there seems to be little downtime — you’re constantly engaged in planning your tactics. That just seems like a promise of some good gaming entertainment to me.

Unfortunately, the game’s a bit difficult to get. The first edition was merely 500 copies. The second edition was larger, but was published in 1997 and is currently out of print. There are only few places on the Net where you can buy it. Fortunately, Spielenet has it. So, I’ve got my copy heading my way, thanks to Tommy and his credit card. Tommy, being as fanatic as I am, ordered a copy for himself too, of course.

So, I’m very interested to see how’s it like. The copy should arrive this week, Tommy should return from his vacation at the end of this week and then I’ll just have to figure out a cheap way to get the game from Tommy to me…

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