New explorers

I was fortunate enough to get a free copy of the Finnish edition of Die Neuen Entdecker from the game’s publisher Marektoy. The Finnish edition is identical with the German, as it is done in Germany by Kosmos as far as I know, so it looks brilliant.

I played it with Johanna yesterday. I enjoyed it, but Johanna was less enthusiastic. She found the game slightly frustrating — perhaps it’s a step too real. She didn’t like the possibility of wasting her money on tiles that won’t fit, especially as she was stuck on her expeditions in the early game. So we won’t be playing the game again, I suppose.

Also, the game isn’t at it’s best when played with just two players. With more players, it’s probably more interesting. I can’t really compare with the old Entdecker, as I’ve played that only once and that’s many years ago.

The Finnish rules left one question: there are letters on some of the tiles. What’s that for? All the rules say is that they’re not for the basic game. Well, yeah, Sherlock, I can figure that out — but it would be nice to tell what they are for.

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  1. Hi Mikko,
    I can help you out with the mysterious letters. There is a second ‘manual’ that comes with the German version, so called: Prof. Easy. It is an example how to play the game. The letters are used to build decks with the tiles so that they will fit with the example. You do not need them otherwise. You can find more about this also at There exist a set of interactive tutorials for various games of Klaus Teuber. In the case of Die Neuen Entdecker there is only the German version available. The English one is “Under Construction