Carcassonne vs Settlers of Catan — winner is clear

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, Finnish Game of the Year awards are very interesting this year as both Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan are competing for the award. Well, looks like that competition is already done: Catan didn’t make it to the final four. Carcassonne did, and is competing against Yundao, Triominds and Monumento. Never heard of those. I sure hope Carcassonne wins!

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5 responses to “Carcassonne vs Settlers of Catan — winner is clear”

  1. Hmm… intriguing. I wonder if this is just an interesting appreciation for different sorts of games, or whether apreciation of gameplay over graphics/theme is behind it. While it does seem very odd not to include Settlers in the finalists, it is nice to see a competition apparently unaffected by hype and acting independently.
    Best wishes,

  2. They might actually be quite unaware of the hype. The jury, as far as I know, has no idea of the whole German game thing.

  3. Ah. So it might be ignorance… Are the jury from the toy industry, rather than viewing games as a legitimate hobby besides being for families?

  4. They are journalists, with a personal interest towards games. I tried to interview them the year before, but only one of them bothered to answer my questions. He was somewhat interested in games, but didn’t know any German games or anything like that, just the standard fare available in Finland. They are probably interested in adult gaming, but that might be somewhat limited to party games.
    I think Settlers of Catan might simply be too heavy and complicated for the jury.