Two years, who could believe it

On 26th, this blog turns two. Amazing. This is entry number 495; looking back a year, I’ve written about 30 entries less this year than last year, but hey, who’s counting. 500 entries in two years is pretty good pace, I’d say.

Well, anyway. I thought I’d ask a favour from you, my dear readers. Since two years is quite a period in the volatile world of Internet and blogs. After all, most blogs fold pretty fast. The thing I’m asking is for you to go through the archives (or your memories) and tell me, if I ever wrote a good entry. I’d like to pick some of my better entries and perhaps put a link to them in the front page. Have I written something worth highlighting?

Gameblog’s birthday is 26th and I’d like to post the entries then. That means you have ten days. Anybody up for a challenge? If you find something, either drop me an e-mail or post a comment with either title, link or id number of any number of decent entries.

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3 responses to “Two years, who could believe it”

  1. It’s suprising it is two years. I remember when you announced your blog and it has been a big inspiration for mine. Congratulations. My games playing has been very influenced by you. :o)
    Your Who Wants to be a Millionaire? experiences were great.
    For posts about specific games, Die Macher and Black Vienna spring to mind, but they were pretty recent. I’ll post more as I think of them.

  2. Mikko,
    I only found your blog about three months ago. I quite enjoy reading it and I pay particular interest to entries you make about games I consider purchasing. So your game reviews (as opposed to quick thoughts) have the most value to me.
    I did find your review on Die Macher very detailed, and “detail” always catches my eye. I can’t find much on Maharaja anywhere, so if you’ve played it and have some indepth opinions about it, that’s what I would suggest as your next entry. And partly because I’m considering purchasing it.
    I think your blog benefits the gaming community, so I hope you continue to keep it up.

  3. Hi Mikko,
    I don’t remember any favourite entry but I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. The way you formulate your opinion on games is excellent, it’s always useful for me even though my taste in games is often very different from yours.