Exciting times at Little Golem

I’m currently having very exciting time. I’m playing in the Little Golem StreetSoccer championship. My goal was not to be demoted to fifth level, but since the championship started, I’ve learned how to play, my rating has climbed up to mid-1500s and it looks like I might actually get a promotion to the third level. All it takes is placing in the top four of my league division.

I’m now seventh, with four games remaining. If I win three of those games (which is certainly possible), I think I’m in the top four: Johnny049 will probably win, I can’t beat Enrico and I would tie with Torben who has a better Son rating, so that would leave the fourth place for me. Valentin, Michael Engels and Real Manou can’t reach 60 points. There are some black horses with relatively few games played (Erik Arneson is the worst), so that brings some uncertainty to my calculations. And yeah, I still need to win those games. With some luck, I’ll win all four which would make me quite safe.

This whole championship deal really spices up things, makes playing the games so much more interesting.

Meanwhile, I kicked Iain’s butt in Twixt, now we’re playing Amazons, which is much more entertaining. Twixt is just too damn bizarre.

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5 responses to “Exciting times at Little Golem”

  1. You’re right about Twixt being weird. It hardly felt like a game. Two sloppily placed stones and it was all over. Ideally, I’d like to play this against an AI, but there does not seem to be one easily available. I will have to find a suitable face to face partner, before I can really comment.
    Amazon’s certainly is fun and is dynamic enough for PBW.

  2. The learning curve in Twixt is brutal. I know one trick and that’s enough to beat just about every clueless newbie. However, I lose to pretty much everybody else… Amazons is more interesting in our skill level.

  3. As long as you finish behind me, I don’t care =) But yeah, you’re the biggest mystery with all those unfinished games. And you certainly have the potential to do well and thus you make me worried…