Tom Vasel’s site

Tom Vasel has set up a website called The Dice Tower. It has links and the description of all the Dice Tower episodes (The Dice Tower is his podcast he does with Joe Steadman).

There’s also, which turns out to be a also hosted at the The Dice Tower site. There you can find links to all Tom’s work: his reviews, interviews, musings on… articles, his blog and also stuff like his mission letters.

That’s nice, because his work tends to be spread around a lot. It’s nice there’s a central point to all of it. However, the reviews have a problem: they are in Word format. That’s not nice. I hope it’s a temporary solution, as the interviews are in HTML format. The easiest way to solve this problem would probably be to add links to the Geek reviews.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Tom has his own website; he certainly has produced a lot of material related to board games.

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2 responses to “Tom Vasel’s site”

  1. Thanks for highlighting TV’s new webpage. But I agree completely: Word is not the best format for his reviews.