Since I got it, I might as well try it, right — so we cracked open my brand-new copy of Touché. The game is simple enough: play card to place a token on a matching square on board. The goal is to create three formations of your pieces. First player to do that wins.

We didn’t like it. The reasons are obvious: a total lack of decision-making. For each card you have two places to play the token, and that’s it. With a hand of five cards, you can do ten different things on your turn. Choosing which one to do is not a big decision, particularly since few of the options are pretty much guaranteed to be pointless. See if you can make a formation or get near to getting a formation, if not see if you can prevent your opponent from getting a formation, if not do whatever you want.

Those who don’t need any real decisions in their games should enjoy Touché.

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2 responses to “Touché”

  1. I’m going to believe Yehuda’s comments about St. Petersburg, but I haven’t discovered them on my own yet. I’ve only played once, got a real kick out of it, and I’m aware that the game design is open to problems, but I haven’t thought it through. I’ve never played any game 50 times. If this game can last me ten, I will have gotten my money’s worth. It’s fun and light enough that I can enjoy it with anyone because I try not to overanalyze games.

  2. If you don’t want that Touche game, I would be willing to buy it from you for a reasonable price