Roads and Boats by Web

There’s a PBW implementation of Roads and Boats! It’s called Roads & Boats by Web and it’s currently in early testing. I want to test, too!

I set up a two-player game for testing purposes. You can join the game; the password is “gameblog”. Please only join if you plan to finish the game in steady and non-delayed manner and don’t mind that it’ll probably take a while.

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3 responses to “Roads and Boats by Web”

  1. Out of interest, Mikko, did Aaron say it was ok to publish this? I wasn’t sure if he was ready to expose it to a wider audience yet?

  2. I dunno; I assumed it was public, since there’s a link at the Splotter web site.

  3. Hi Mikko,
    I regularly read your blog and enjoy your entries. I just joined your R&B game, if you don’t mind. I look forward to playing!